Evolution is constant. We seek the emergent concept, before it becomes the dominant paradigm.

Why settle for what’s popular today, when you can have what might be popular tomorrow? We offer a glimpse into the future, designs and concepts ahead of the crowd. Retro is just a re-hash of what was (good or not); real style has staying power but isn’t always recognized at first. TOESHARK INDUSTRIES produces tomorrow’s ideas, today.



Founded by weirdos.

We have purposely set up TOESHARK INDUSTRIES to provide the most direct line from our warped brains to you, the unsuspecting public.

The Captain

Chad Frost



Anna George
Scurvy Hand of Justice
Kean Towle



We produce many ideas and concepts at the TOESHARK INDUSTRIES studio. Some never go beyond a napkin sketch, others and developed through prototype.  Select pieces may go in to limited production and be made available through this website. We’ll share the best (and weirdest) with you on our blog.






Some ideas are worth sharing even when they have no practical value or intrinsic utility. The world just needs more giggles.



Just ‘cuz it’s weird, doesn’t mean it ain’t cool.

Dumb things

There are loads of smart people making really smart things. That leaves plenty of room for “dumb” things – simple little ideas that don’t cost much, but incrementally make us happier.


Not really. Well, we’re experts in some things. Actually, we’re experts in lots of things, just not this.

We like to think that our diverse expertise, applied willy-nilly to something we really don’t know anything about, will lead us to amazing discoveries and insights. Most of the time, we’re probably deluding ourselves. But occasionally: it works! Inspiration strikes! And oh that feels good.

We know what we like. At least, we know it when we see it. So we’ll keep trying things and making weirdness and mostly stupid ugly things will be the result. Occasionally something brilliant will pop out.